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People Tree "Specialise" in photo restoration! So we can bring back to life all of your old faded, torn and creased photos.

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About the Books and me, Nina Westley.

I love how an old photograph can bring people together to share the joy from that one moment in time captured forever, and was personally frustrated that they were hidden away. And so, I began to sort through hundreds of pictures to put into books. My personal passion for this has led me wanting to help others achieve and appreciate the same and therefore, chose to invest my time, creating and transforming your photographs into an ultimate keepsake for you with quality and professionalism.
Travels, Weddings, Family, Celebrations or if you are simply struggling to organise your personal photo collection I pride myself in working closely with my clients. Attention to detail in the layout is so important to reflect the story of the pictures, and after our meeting I will combine my skills with your personal story to transform your photos into beautiful photo books that will remain precious with you forever. My expertise is also in photo restorations, bringing back to life any old, ruined picture you may have.
Technology for crafting traditional finishes..
I do personally feel that we are doing a full circle with the Digital Age and marvel at how technology is enabling us to enjoy our images as we choose. Release those pictures from the computer or restore photos from albums and bring them into a more sensual medium. People Tree Photo Books will be visually pleasing and quality of the paper so tactile.
What makes these books different to the ones you may have? Every page to every book are checked over before print. In just one glance of these hand-stitched books, you will see the colour quality, and to touch them you will feel the almost velvet quality of the paper. The pages are heavyweight high-quality 170gsm laminated art paper, hand stitched and open flatter than the traditional high street books. And made to last.

I work with both digital and traditional photographs.

The very latest fade-resistant ink is used and come with the options of printed, faux leather or linen covers (inclusive of cost) and dependent on book size. These books are well worth that little extra for that extra special book of memories.

Have you ever stroked a picture you've loved?
People Tree's Nina Westley creator of Bespoke Photo Books


"I've made so many online photo books Nina, but yours are something special. You've told a story with my personal photos. Thank you for listening that day, it shows in the book."
Petra, Farnham