Nina Westley - Creator of People Tree
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About us

What's in the name?



Providing memories that
last a lifetime, which
are bespoke to you.


People Tree Photo Books are offering you the opportunity to enjoy and share your most treasured memories with friends and family.


With imagination and creativity, knowledge driven by passion and perfection, I am able to create beautiful bespoke photo books.

Over the years, I have collected and stored away albums, along with negatives not printed. They were not being enjoyed and shared, just in boxes under the bed or collecting dust on shelves. With the digital age now here, this clutter then spread to the 'cloud'. If you, like me and many others, have hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographs my aim is to bring them back to you in a stunning photo book that you will want to leave out on your coffee table.
Place a photo book on a coffee table and enjoy sharing those precious memories. Take your memories out of the cloud and back into books for you and others to enjoy and talk about. Have you been disappointed with the quality of the standard online services available to you and I? Our pictures and memories deserve better. These books are nothing like the standard online books you are used to. They are hand stitched with laminated pages and velvet to the touch.

Preparing these books is always something we never get round to.

If I were to say just two hours of your time is all that is needed from you, followed by a final meeting for your personal adjustments and approval before we go to print, that's a whole lot of boxes ticked. From sorting, to editing, to layout and then to print. I can do all of that for you. Don't leave them scattered in the cloud or on your computer. No one will look at them there, make your memories accessible to those you want to share with.


"You have brought my grans photo album back to life again.  The old pictures look like new... not scared to open the book anymore.  Can we have some more copies please?"
P. Cook