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What's in the name?



I grew up knowing about the ‘Garden City of Bangalore’,
and although this was a Banyan tree, the Peepal Tree is
a member of this plant, where the heart shaped leaves
were dried and used for writings and drawings even
before the invention of paper.


At People Tree quality and professionalism is assured, as we craft meaningful books that stir emotions. All at great value prices too!


What's in The Name.

The name ‘People Tree’ (the tree of life - giving out oxygen 24hrs a day) is a play on words of the Peepal Tree. It is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. More than 2000 Years ago, Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, sat under the branches of Peepal Tree when he became enlightened. For Hindu’s too sitting under the tree is sacred a place for meditation and prayer. It is an incredible tree, with its one trunk and trunk like roots growing back down to the ground.

The parallels to paintings on leaves and photographs; the ever spreading branches and roots representing the family; and the leaves of a book, lead me to the name of ‘People Tree’. Like all trees, a tree represents the circle of life, and amongst their many individual uses, trees make books... photo books in my case. Like all the leaves spreading and growing on the branches, I saw this like images lost in the ‘cloud’ (or PC) falling down to the ground and held in a book...
A bespoke photo book lasting forever, like the strong roots of the tree.

Book Finishes and Sizes...
Printed, Faux leather and Linen Effect covers available in standard A4 and A5 sizes, though other dimensions and sizes with more elaborate finishes can be discussed when we meet.
We care about your photos...
To preserve old photographs or protect your precious memories from deterioration or a household disasters, we scan, digitise, restore and collate them, which is just one part of our service.


"I paid a professional photographer a lot of money and got an ill composed picture back.  Nina removed the stray hairs and rubber band on my daughters wrist, it is now perfect. She also edited out my daughters brace which made my daughter very happy."
S. Maris, Northampton